Neil Weisensel

Neil Weisensel is a composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist based in Winnipeg, Canada. He has composed and arranged music for feature films, stage works, documentaries, and animation for networks including the CBC, Bravo!, and CTV. His operas and concert music have been performed by the Vancouver Opera, the Victoria Symphony, Opera Lyra Ottawa, Vancouver New Music, the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, Edmonton Opera, and the Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra.

Mr. Weisensel's five operas, which have been critically and popularly acclaimed, have been performed across Canada, and he receives commissions, awards and prizes from arts organizations in Canada and the U.S. Composing in a wide variety of genres, including jazz, rock, ethno-cultural, and world beat, he has also performed and recorded with artists such as Michael Buble, Russill Paul, Noirin Ni Riain, Brian Tate, and Rachel Landrecht for luminaries such as Bill Clinton and Al Gore.